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Little Savages

Empower your child with the gift of Jiu Jitsu! Little Savages, through the art of jiu jitsu, are taught discipline, communication skills, confidence and many others while learning a self-defense art. They will also learn the necessary tools to handle life circumstances and events such as class bullying, when and how to stand up for themselves and respect for others.


Come in to a Little Savages Class to try it out!  


My two sons have been training here for some time. All I can say is it a great place to train. Coaches are very receptive of feedback and always entertain any Q&A's those involved parents tend to develop. Furthermore, all coaches are always willing to help students succeed. The onlooker environment is friendly and fun, with lots of room for social interaction. In short, give the academy a try. You will not be disappointed.”​  -Arielle Fisher 


Grand daughter loves it, Robbie is very patient with the little ones, and staff is great, disciplined great teachers”​ 

-Daniel Marrs 

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