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Kids Classes


Bring your Little Savage in to a kids class to empower them with the art of jiu jitsu and give them life skills while learning self-defense. 

Law Enforcement Training


In the military or law enforcement? Expand your skills to ensure you have all the tools you need when the time comes. Custom and one-on-one training also available. 

Competition and Sport Training

Whether you're a wrestler, MMA fighter, brazilian jiu-jitsu practisioner, we have the training for you. Come in or call to inquire on specialized training available. 

Robert Morales

Robert Morales is a certified black belt instructor recognized by the Jiu Jitsu Global Federation. 


Fabio Santos Affliated School

As far as jiu Jitsu is concerned, Proffesor Robert has the grip on it in El Centro! His refurbished facility has new mats, strong fighters, and few people are as kind as Robert. Also, if you are interested in attending some great seminars from some high level people in Jiu Jitsu.... Morales jiu Jitsu is the place to be! I enjoy his place very much. -Anthony Bruno 

“Great academy, trained here while visiting El Centro for a month. Prof Morales is an excellent instructor, and there are plenty of training partners at each belt level to roll with. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming and it is like one big family. I will definitely train here again next time I'm in town..” -Chris Rowlands

“A great group of guys being led by a man who know's his craft. I make sure to get in here as much as possible when visiting from NorCal. Bring your kids in and sign up yourself, you won't regret it.-Ruben Avila

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